Scaper gave me a great list for RuneScape Avatar
Scaper gave me a great list for RuneScape
Created by MMOruki on Feb, 22 2021 with 1 Members

Scaper gave me a great list for training but I dropped it. For now, I got my str to 8 at cows. Trained my def to 11 with mage defence casting and att to 20 with the quest vampyre slaye. (provides you 20 att). It went pretty fast. I also obtained my range to 7 using a sling and a small bit of training arrows... at cows. For mage, I utilized both the xp lamps, and then finished imp catcher for 13 mage. I camped in the lesser to around 33 mage with my collection of ahrims. :P (black robes look just like ahrims). Now, I want to get 40/40/40 in melee and 50 mage/range. With these stats, I'll do D-Slayer. What prayer level if I have with these stats? I would be glad if you can make them like 1-20... PLease don't place something like 1-50 for variety minotaurs as somebody on youtube did this (It was a guide to 99 range. :/) I need these areas to be a location which I can level fast with. What exactly should I use? Keep in mind that this is F2P. My present bank is about 150K thanks to a person who gave me 200K and 56K worth of raw/cooked meals (all types but mostly or all raw food) when I stated"purchasing raw food". I was up in the lumbridge castle with my new account trimming the log spawns. Many different people offered me things such as iron 2hs. (individuals cleaning banks out and giving me random shizzle) along with other stuff. This guy in Varrock big bank gave me 13 bronze arrows with 8 oak logs and some other random things. This makes something else come into mind. When you guys were noobs, did people ever assist you? Like by committing cash or showing you around or becoming a lifelong friend? I left my account 2 weeks before, so am I safe? How long would 40/40/40 with 50 range/mage take for me? Last thing,do you guys have sisters or brothers who randomly come and do something or that which you trust and let em wc or something when you're gone to the bath or something.I understand this is bannable, but if you hope em... and if they simply pop up and flip the screen exactly what are you going to do? Want to learn more about RuneScape at

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